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Outtakes Studio is photography for friends and lovers and artists and thinkers and weirdos and all the authentic people I know and love.
I want to take pictures that make you look and feel as unique and awesome and full of love as you are. I hope my work can provide a glimpse into your lives with fewer clichés and more outtakes.
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Now shooting:
digital, 35mm, 120 film; Candids, formal portraits, group shots; off-guards and on-the-count-of-threes; landscapes, details, dancefloor dazes; close ups, long shots, you and your loved ones; the place where it all went down and the sky above it.
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"I was blown away by the package of digital and film images Ari delivered--a true time capsule of such a special moment in our lives. The warmth and technical expertise she brings to the shoot comes through the lush and gorgeous images she makes. We had so much fun and felt at ease--a miracle! for two people who usually clam up in front of the camera."

- Suzanne G.
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"I can't say enough in this review about how great Ariana (Outtakes Studio) was to work with. She is so genuine, and we really felt like we had an old friend with us shooting our wedding. I think her pictures for speak for themselves."

- JJ P.

"I was hesitant to do engagement pics for fear that they would be cheesy and because I hate being in front of the camera. Very early on I realized that neither of those would be an issue. The pictures came out effortless and cool and we had the absolute best time running around Brooklyn feeling like models with Ari. 10/10 can not recommend highly enough."

- Rachel Z.
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