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I’m Ariana, I’m an artist and photographer and educator, I’m 31, I like going to art shows, listening to music loudly, and getting out of town. I was raised in New England, educated in California, burnt out in NYC, and currently happy in Baltimore.

Outtakes Studio is a project to combine my art practice and my interest in relationships and human interactions. Through Outtakes, I’m laughing with strangers, I’m smiling while editing photos of you smiling, I’m crying at your weddings; I’m just really into people loving other people.

The amount of satisfaction I get out of meeting, photographing, and sharing images with my clients is rivaled only by the joy I get from my other project: my career as a public school arts educator. On weekends I hangout with you, but on weekdays I teach teenagers how to use cameras, balance a lightmeter, organize files, shoot and develop film, print in the darkroom, and a million other things I can’t believe I get to do all day. And I love my students as much as I love you all. You’re all real people that I get to spend my life interacting with, and I can’t imagine a better way to pass the time.

Shall I go on? I studied Media, Fine Arts, and French at Pomona College, Art Education at NYU, and I run the photography program at Parkville High School in Baltimore County, Maryland. (Go Knights!) I have a husband, no pets, a lot of cameras, and a problem with bringing things I don’t need home from the thrift store and/or sidewalk. I also like old movies, natural wine, and summer. Enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

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